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2015 Collection of Papers


“Assessment’s Not My Job!” Engaging Staff in Co-curricular Assessment
Erika Beseler and Jeremy Penn, North Dakota State University in Fargo

Aligning Assessment: Developing Performance Tasks to Assess GE Outcomes
Joan Hawthorne, Melissa Gjellstad, and Ryan Zerr, University of North Dakota

Better Together: The Multi-State Collaborative to Advance Learning Outcomes Assessment
Julie Carnahan and Terrel Rhodes, Association of American Colleges and Universities

Facing our Worst Fear-Assessment, Success Funding, and Selling Out
Gina Kamwithi, North Central State College

Improving Course-Embedded Assessment through Faculty Development
Mary Kay Jordan-Fleming and James H. Bodle is Director, Mount St. Joseph University

Quality Initiative Project in Action: Assessing Learning in Public Affairs
Keri Franklin, Missouri State University

Self-Rating: A Case Study in Indirect Assessment MeasuresSelf-Rating: A Case Study in Indirect Assessment Measures
John Patterson, Bellevue University

Ten Engaging Strategies for Assessment and Faculty Development Activities
Tami J. Eggleston and Christine M. Bahr, McKendree University



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NOTE: The papers included in this collection offer the viewpoints of their authors. HLC recommends them for study and for the advice they contain, but they do not represent official HLC directions, rules or policies.

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