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A. T. Still University of Health Sciences

Core Professional Attributes in Health Professions Education: Developing Institutional-level Assessment
Melanie J. Davis and Jane Hawthorne

Arizona Western College

Engaging Stakeholders Through Social Media
Linda Elliott-Nelson

Concordia University

An Innovative Postsecondary Partnership Serving Students with Intellectual Disabilities
William Cario, Wanda Routier and Carol Burns

Fort Hays State University

Documenting Perceptions of Organizational Change Through Reengineering at a Midwestern Comprehensive University
Chris Crawford and Kenneth L. Rigler Jr.

Grand Canyon University

Making Math Matter: Transforming Math into a Multi-Competency Learning Experience
Sherman Elliott, Ben VanDerLinden and Judith Eroe

Teaching Analytics: Efficient Strategies to Support Effective Online Instruction
B. Jean Mandernach and Kelly Palese

Grinnell College

Student Success at the Liberal Arts College
Michael Latham, Randall Stiles and Kaitlin Wilcox

Lansing Community College

Killer Course Correction: Using Self-studies to Transform Gateway Courses
Martine Courant Rife, Andrew K. Koch (John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education) and Mark Hanson (North Dakota State University)

Lincoln College

Assessment Resource(fulness): Developing a Rich Culture of Assessment with Limited Resources
Jeffrey Kratz and Karin Wright

Lincoln Land Community College

Nonacademic Assessment: Finding the “Start Line”
Tricia A. Kujawa and Lesley Frederick

Millikin University

From Proposal to Performance to Presentation: A Science-Based Performance-Learning Model
Jennifer R. Schroeder, Paris W. Barnes and Anne Rammelsberg

National American University

Helping Students Make a Good Living and Live a Good Life
Terry O’Banion

North Central State College

Assessment Made Meaningful: Removing Obstacles to Participation
Gina Kamwithi

North Dakota State University

Killer Course Correction: Using Self-studies to Transform Gateway Courses
Mark Hanson, Andrew K. Koch (John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education) and Martine Courant Rife (Lansing Community College)

North Park University

Bridging Academic and Student Affairs in the First-Year Classroom
Sumie Song, Barrington Price and Jonathan Dodrill

Northwestern College

Breaking Barriers to Participation in High-Impact Practices
Adrienne M. Forgette

Purdue University Calumet

AQIP Portfolio Wins and Try-Agains: Pounding and Heckling Parliamentary Style
Rebecca House Stankowski, Jill Carlson (Santa Fe Community College) and Janna L. Oakes (Regis University)

Regis University

AQIP Portfolio Wins and Try-Agains: Pounding and Heckling Parliamentary Style
Janna L. Oakes, Jill Carlson (Santa Fe Community College) and Rebecca House Stankowski (Purdue University Calumet)

The Use of Diagnostic Metrics to Focus on Solutions
Janet Houser and Max Sotak

Riverland Community College

Beyond the Horizon Through a Robust Strategic Plan in 190 Days
Adenuga Atewologun, Suzette Overby and Gary Schindler

Santa Fe Community College

AQIP Portfolio Wins and Try-Agains: Pounding and Heckling Parliamentary Style
Jill Carlson, Janna L. Oakes (Regis University;) and Rebecca House Stankowski (Purdue University Calumet)

Southern Arkansas University

Successfully Implementing AQIP: It’s About All of Us All the Time
George White, Kim Bloss, Jennifer Rowsam, Brian Logan and Gerald Plumlee

Truman State University

Getting Students to Contribute to the Assurance Argument
Karen Vittengl

University of Central Oklahoma

A Fiscally Sustainable Model: Institutionalizing Student Success Projects That Work
John Barthell, Wei Chen, Charlotte Simmons, Michael Springer and Greg Wilson

University of Charleston

Dancing Backwards in High Heels: Small Institutions and Criterion 5.D.
Donna J. Lewis, Barbara D. Wright and Letha B. Zook

University of Illinois at Springfield

Assessing Global Learning: Lessons from an Assessment Academy Project
Victoria Childs, Kay Young McChesney and Karen Moranski

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Change Agent Leadership
Ann Hill Duin, Linda L. Baer (Civitas Learning) and Deborah Bushway (Bushway Consulting)

University of North Dakota

Learning What “Works” in Transforming Pedagogy Within a STEM Curriculum
Joan Hawthorne, Anne Kelsch, and Brett Goodwin

University of Phoenix

The Latest in Engaging the Adult Student Online: Authentic, Meaningful and Real-World Engagement Models
Amy Smith, Rhonda Capron, and Kirsten Hoyt

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Toward a “True Graduate Experience” in Professional Master’s Degree Programs
John Stone, Carolyn Morgan, and Seth Meisel

Xavier University

A Mission-Conscious Women’s Leadership Seminar to Boost Institutional Effectiveness
Debra K. Mooney and Sandra Richtermeyer

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