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Assessment Made Meaningful: Removing Obstacles to Participation
Gina Kamwithi, North Central State College

Assessment Resource(fulness): Developing a Rich Culture of Assessment with Limited Resources
Jeffrey Kratz and Karin Wright, Lincoln College

Assessing Global Learning: Lessons from an Assessment Academy Project
Victoria Childs, Kay Young McChesney, and Karen Moranski, University of Illinois at Springfield

Core Professional Attributes in Health Professions Education: Developing Institutional-level Assessment
Melanie J. Davis and Jane Hawthorne, A. T. Still University of Health Sciences

Making Math Matter: Transforming Math into a Multi-Competency Learning Experience
Sherman Elliott, Ben VanDerLinden, and Judith Eroe, Grand Canyon University

Nonacademic Assessment: Finding the “Start Line”
Tricia A. Kujawa and Lesley Frederick, Lincoln Land Community College



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