Higher Learning Commission

2014 Collection of Papers

Assessment of Student Learning

Balancing Priorities: Sharing Responsibility for the Assessment of Student Learning
Andi Lassiter, Lynn Akey, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Using Dynamic Criteria Mapping to Improve Curricular Alignment Across Institutions
Kathy E. Johnson, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, Carol Schuck, Ivy Tech Community College

Data Organization and the DQP: Embedding Assessment in a Student Information System
Robert J. Marsh, Christine M. Hammond, North Central Michigan College

The ROAD: Assessing writing and critical thinking with VALUE rubrics
Tod Porter, Joseph Palardy, Angela Messenger, Hillary Fuhrman, Youngstown State University

Using a Transformative Learning Transcript to Assess High-Impact Practices
John Barthell, Myron Pope, Jeffrey King, Cia Verschelden, Charles Hughes, Gregory Wilson, University of Central Oklahoma

Improving General Education Teaching through Assessment
Ranfen Li, Yanelet Delgado, Saleha Rizvi, University of Illinois at Chicago

Strengthening Foundations for Assessment Initiatives through Professional Development
Frederick Burrack, Chris Urban, Kansas State University

Curricular Coherence: A Prerequisite to Assessment
Carla R. Colletti, Justin Bitner, Julie Weissman, Webster University


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NOTE: The papers included in this collection offer the viewpoints of their authors. HLC recommends them for study and for the advice they contain, but they do not represent official HLC directions, rules or policies.

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