Higher Learning Commission

2014 Collection of Papers

Organizational Leadership

Course Activity Documentation: A Case Study of the Effective Design, Development, and Implementation of an Institutional Reporting Process

Jeff Reynolds, Carolinda Douglass, and Ritu Subramony, Northern Illinois University

Meeting Federal Financial Aid Regulations: Attendance and Participation Tracking
Kim Harvey, Sarah Bright, Allan Wamsley, Jefferson College

Building a Culture of Educational Innovation
Christoper W. Olsen, Maureen Noonan-Bischof, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Leadership Gardening: Cultivating Leadership and Communication through Employee Development Programs
Ryan Blanton, Julie Dinger, and Tim Faltyn, Connors State College

Anticipating the Community College Leadership Void with an Internal Leadership Development Plan
Jonah Rice, Southeastern Illinois College, Steve O’Keefe, John A. Logan College

From Ashes to Accolades: A Journey to Robust Shared Governance
Jason Dude Lively, Deb Ayres, Lindenwood University

An Apolitical Approach to Reducing Faculty "Loyalty Tax" at a Public University
Michael R. Wick, Stephanie Jamelske, and Patricia A. Kleine, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Lean Academia: An Experiment to Improve Quality in Teaching
Denis Maier, Susan Brorson, and Barbara Keinath, University of Minnesota Crookston

OpenBook: Data Democracy for Stategic Decision Making and Cultural Change
Margaret A. Martyn, George Calisto, City Colleges of Chicago-Harold Washington College; Brendan Aldrich and Nancy Chavez, City Colleges of Chicago District Office

Leading Strategic Planning Through Faculty Engagement
Julie Morrison, Rose B. Bellanca, and Bill Abernethy, Washtenaw Community College

Effective Strategic Planning for Disruptive and Challenging Times
James O. Luke, Lansing Community College

From Cyclical to Continuous Improvement: Assessment Feedback and Program Metrics
Derek J. Herrmann, Kristen M. Hendrickson, Bruce R. Stoffel, Illinois State University

A Systematic Approach to Assessing and Improving Co-curricular Student Services
Kurt Schoch, Janice Garfield, and Crissie Jameson, Walden University

Program Advancement: Putting the Pieces Together for Review and Improvement
Donna S. Statzell and Sue Selland, Hennepin Technical College

Cleaning, Maintaining, and Reporting Institutional Data
Michelle L. Deist, Aultman College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Broad Institutional Change through Effective Project Management
Susan M. Powers, April Hay, and Lisa Spence, Indiana State University

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NOTE: The papers included in this collection offer the viewpoints of their authors. HLC recommends them for study and for the advice they contain, but they do not represent official HLC directions, rules or policies.

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